Salon & Cosmetology School Testimonials

Give them a try

I was introduced to Aspire when my daughter graduated high school and two of her girlfriends became students at Aspire. I wanted to help the girls in their training so I made an appointment to have my hair cut and colored. That was the fall of 2006 and I continue to have my hair styled by Aspire students.

I have never been disappointed with my color or cut and the price I pay for the finished look is real bargain. I normally pay about $65.00; this includes color, highlight, cut, style, and the tip. This is a bit more that the usual price due to having a lot of hair and they always need to mix extra bowls of color.

When I use to color my hair at home I would spend at least $18.00 because I always had to use two boxes and so much time was spent at the store trying to decide what color to buy. I never really knew how it was going to end up. It wasn’t always pretty unless you like the look of Bozo red mixed with a copper penny. It was sometimes scary and then you had to try and fix it. The staff at Aspire ALWAYS picks the perfect color and it ALWAYS looks great.

I am so comfortable having my hair colored, cut and styled at the school it is checked numerous times by the instructors who are awesome. I always get asked, “Where do you get your hair done? It always looks is so pretty.” My reply, “I go to Aspire Beauty Academy in Wentzville they are wonderful and so affordable.”

Give them a try, I promise you won’t be sorry.

– L. Price

Great School!

My experience as a student was awesome. I was prepared for the state exams and passed with flying colors. I learned the full cosmetology coarse and have my Class CA- Hairdressing & Manicuring License. Aspire was a place to learn and I was prepared to get my license. The school was a fun place to be but also you were learning as well. There are many choices as far as the time that you would like to go. The instructors are your cheerleaders and go beyond to give you the learning you need. I recommend this school to everyone who is interested in a career in cosmetology. I had a great experience and know you will as well. Call Aspire today for your future in a career in cosmetology!

– Jennifer P

Amazing experience!

I graduated from Aspire in October 2008, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience there. I was actually referred to Aspire by a previous student. The instructors really care about what you learn and want you to be prepared for a salon setting. After talking with people that went to other schools, some of the things I learned there are unheard of learning from a different school. Everyone there became like a second family to me, in fact I still stop in to say hi to everyone sometimes!! They offer a wonderfull education to all of their students, you just have to want it and work for it. I came out of Aspire fully knowing what I was expected to do at my first salon job. Just to give an idea of how i was prepared; One person I talked to that went to another school said he did 3 colors the entire time he was in school (at another school), I did 70 something. I would definatly recommend this school to anyone that is looking for an exceptional education as well as experience!!! At least call to talk to them!! 🙂 A piece of advice; have a joke prepared for Michael!! 🙂

– Stacy L


This beauty school is so much more than all the others I checked into. I am a graduate of Aspire Beauty and am glad that I attended here and no where else! 🙂

The instructors are awesome and are there to help you learn each step of the way. They don’t put you down for making a mistake, they encourage you and show you “tricks of the trade” to make you better. The owners are a married couple devoted to help their students do the very best that they can. They aren’t just behind the scenes, they are there every day helping and instructing. They care about their students and their school. They devote their time and effort to make sure every student understands and exceeds State’s expectations. By the end of your schooling, they make sure that you are MORE than ready to take your written and practical State Board exams. In the 5 years the school has been teaching, 99% of the students passed both tests the first time! 🙂 That is an AWESOME track record! 🙂

Aspire Beauty School was an awesome experience and I am sooo glad that I attended there. The instructors, the clients, the students….we were all like family …and still are!!! 🙂 It was definitely a fun atmosphere and a great learning experience! 🙂

You will not want to pass up this school! Go talk to Becky or Michael and you will see what I mean! 🙂

I cannot say enough great things about this school! Check it out! 🙂

– Chrissy Ring