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Check out how our  theory is taught and delivered to you in the classroom!!!  All with your own personal tablet that is yours to keep.  


Beauty Salon Cosmetology School and Classes Wentzville St. Charles Missouri


To desire.
1. To have a fever hope or ambition
2. To Strive toward a lofty goal
3. To rise upward

ASPIRATION: A strong desire for high achievement.

Aspire Beauty Academy’s mission is to provide every single student the opportunity to become the very best cosmetologist you can be. Aspire Beauty Academy is a family owned and operated school. Aspire’s primary goal is to provide our focused and dedicated students the necessary practical and theoretical experience necessary to become successful licensed professionals.

Aspire Beauty Academy has an accelerated program that can be completed in as little as 39 weeks! Our advanced curriculum is focused and fast paces. At Aspire Beauty Academy, our class sizes are limited which means you will get the personal attention you deserve. Whether you are mastering the basics or experimenting with the latest styles and trends, you will learn under the guidance of an experienced instructor who really cares about you and your success. You are not just a student at Aspire Beauty Academy, you are part of our family!

Aspire Beauty Academy graduates are known to represent a standard that is exceptional. Aspire’s program is designed to prepare students for immediate employment in the exciting world of cosmetology. Many of our students have moved on to very successful careers in the beauty industry. We invite you to experience the ASPIRE advantage!

Cosmetology School Registration & Class Information

How Long is Aspire’s Cosmetology Program?

Our accelerated program allows you to attend only 4 hours a day and still complete the course in as little as 39 weeks….Yes, you are reading that correctly!

When do Classes Begin?

Our classes conveniently start 6 times a year. New classes conveniently begin on the first Tuesday every January, March, May, July, September, and November.

*Please note: You must be enrolled at least 3 weeks prior to the class start date.

What Class Schedules are Available?

Aspire Beauty Academy NOW offers Flex scheduling….

class schedule



This is a 1500 clock/50 credit hour program.

How much does the course cost?

Effective May 26, 2014, our tuition is only $10,950.00

This is an all inclusive amount, included is the following:
* Your complete cosmetology kit which includes CHI tools and brushes
* All supplies
* Textbooks & tablet
* Uniform smock
* 2 Mannequin heads
* Student license fee
* Registration fee
* State board exam fees when you graduate.

Does Aspire Offer Payment Plans?

Yes we do.

Registration fee (non-refundable) $100.00
1st Monthly Payment $875.00
8 Monthly Payments $590.00/ea
1 Final Payment $5,255.00
Total Cost $10,950.00

NOTE:  VA and WIA approved We do NOT accept  Pell Grants or FAFSA.

How Do I Get Started?

All you need to sign up is to bring in:

1) Copy of your Missouri drivers license or birth certificate
2) Copy of your high school diploma, GED, or transcript of your last grade completed.
3) Non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 payable at the time of enrollment.

*Please note that enrollment forms must be completed and submitted at least 2 weeks prior to start date.